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Empowering Communities, Cleansing Futures – Together for a Pristine Tomorrow

DEEKSHA’s PROJECT SWACHHATA stands as a beacon of hope in addressing the critical and often overlooked issue of Solid Waste Management in India. This initiative marks a significant step towards engaging communities, educational bodies, and individuals nationwide in a cohesive effort to tackle solid waste through informed management, reduction, recycling, and secure disposal practices. By leading with innovative and sustainable strategies, PROJECT SWACHHATA aims to reshape the narrative around waste management in India.

The challenge of managing traditional untreated solid waste in India is a significant environmental and public health concern. In a country marked by rapid urbanization and population growth, the generation of solid waste has escalated, overwhelming existing waste management systems. Traditional practices of discarding waste without proper treatment have led to a lot of problems, including the contamination of water bodies, the spread of diseases, and the degradation of natural landscapes. Landfills, often the end destination for this untreated waste, have become overburdened, releasing harmful greenhouse gases and toxic leachate into the environment. Moreover, the lack of segregation at the source exacerbates the issue, as recyclable and organic materials are mixed with hazardous waste, complicating recycling efforts and leading to inefficient resource recovery.

Our modern conveniences – ranging from instant food delivery services to bottled water and digital entertainment – while making life easier, contribute significantly to the generation of solid waste. This unintended consequence of modernity poses a severe environmental challenge, necessitating immediate and effective action to mitigate its impact on our surroundings.

PROJECT SWACHHATA is at the forefront of this challenge, dedicated to educating the Indian public on the principles of effective solid waste management. Addressing the challenge of solid waste management requires a multifaceted approach, including public awareness campaigns, the adoption of modern waste management technologies, and the implementation of policies that encourage waste reduction, segregation, and recycling. Our committed volunteers are actively involved in grassroots campaigns, focusing on waste segregation at the source and promoting practices that lead to the reduction of waste generation. Moreover, we are engaging the youth of India through dynamic workshops and presentations in schools and colleges, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to manage household waste more effectively and reduce the strain on our landfills.

The positive response to PROJECT SWACHHATA is a testament to its impact, with widespread adoption of eco-friendly waste management practices evident across various communities and educational institutions.

PROJECT SWACHHATA is more than just a campaign; it is a movement towards fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainability in India. By galvanizing collective action and promoting sustainable practices, DEEKSHA is not only advocating for change but is also laying the groundwork for a cleaner and greener future for India. This initiative underscores the power of community engagement and education in driving significant environmental progress, heralding a new era of eco-conscious living and solid waste management in the country.

Our Initiatives


DEEKSHA conceptualized, constructed and commissioned a Vermi composting project at Sat Krishna Charitable Hospital at Narsingpur, Gurugram with the support and cooperation of JLLM and Youthreach besides many others done across the region.

E Waste

We launched and successfully implemented a community based waste management programme in Punjab and Chandigarh with specific reference to e-waste management. Volunteers from DEEKSHA held a series of workshops first to make the student community aware about the menace of e-waste and followed up with community based action programme wherein the students motivated the citizens to deposit their e-waste with DEEKSHA for facilitating scientific disposal of the same. This way a very large amount of e waste was collected and handed over to the disposal agency thereby preventing major pollution of the soil & water.

Paper Recycling

Our volunteers have been regularly conducting training workshops in various schools regarding paper recycling. The students are being taught the technique for making recycled paper from waste. The enthusiasm of the student community is worth complimenting. Besides the student community, the families of Indian Air Force were also made aware about various techniques and methods of managing household waste.

Shun Single Use Plastic

Recently we carried out a series of training and awareness workshops regarding management of non-biodegradable waste with special reference to single use plastic. The campaign led by Ms Nuvreet in Ranchi, through various interactive workshops involving play way methods and video clips, focussed on students of many schools being made aware of the ills of single use plastic and plastic pollution. The students pledged not to use single use plastic and prevent plastic pollution.

Clean Up Campaign

DEEKSHA conducted a clean-up your area campaign at Jalandhar with students in the lead. The aim of the campaign was to spread awareness amongst the residents of the area to adopt the waste segregation and safe waste disposal methodology.

 A few of the herbal plants are listed below along with their uses for your reference
#Scientific NameCommon NameMedicinal ValuesPart(s) Used
1Abrus PrecatoriusRattiSwellings, Purgative, Emetic, AphrodiasicLeaves, Seeds
2Acorus CalamusVachCNS Stimulant, Carminative, TonicRhizome
3Withania SomniferaAshgandhGeneral Weakness, Diuretic, Antibiotic, AntibacterialRoots, Leaves
4Adhatoda VasicaVasakaExpectorant, BronchitisLeaves
5Aloe VeraGhrit KumariPurgative, CosmeticsLeaves
6Alpinia GalangaBarakulanjanRheumatism, Stomach DisordersRhizome
7Althea OfficinalisGulkheraDemulcent, EmollientRoots
8Ammi MajusAtri LalLeucodermaFruits
9Andrographis, PaniculataKalmeghTonic, Fever, Worms, DysenteryStem, Leaves, Inflorescence
10Anethum GraveolensSoyaCondiment, CarminativeFruits
11Artimesia AnuaSweet Worm WoodMalaria, FeversAerial Part
12Asparagus, RacemosusShatawariDemulcent, Diuretic, AphrodisiacRoots
13Asparagus, AdscendensSafed MusliDemulcent, DiarrhoeaRoots
14Bacopa MonnieraBrahmiDiuretic, Nerve Tonic, Cardiotonic, InsanityWhole Plant
15Balanitis RoxburghiiHingotSteriod Harmones, Oral ContraceptivesSeeds, Oil
16Barleria, PrionitesKala BansaDiaphoretic, Diuretic, FebrifugeBark Juice, Leaves, Roots
17Caesalpinia, BonducellaKaranjwaTonic, AntipyreticSeeds
18Cannabis SativaBhangSedative, Anti-Spasmodic, Analgestic, StomachicLeaves, Flowers
19Carissa CarandasKaraundaPickles, JamsFruits
20Catharanthus RoseusSada BaharAnti Cancer ActivitiesRoots, Leaves
21Cassia AngustifloiaSennaLaxative, Cathartic, PurgativeLeaves,Fruits
22Centella AsiaticaMandukaparniDiuretic, Tonic, CNS 8 Skin DiseasesWhole Plant
23Cichoriurn IntybusKasniFever, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Spleen Enlargement, Stomachic, DiureticRoots
24Cissus, QuadrangularisHadjorJoining Of Fractured BoneStem
25Clerodendron PhlomidisArniGunela Worms, Gonorrhea, Demulcent, Nervous DisordersLeaves, Roots, Root Bark
26Clerodendrun ViscosumUshnaTumors, Skin Disease, Hernia, Fever, MalariaLeaves, Roots
27Clitorea TernateaShankpushpiPurgative, Cathartic, DiureticSeeds, Roots
28Coleus FroskohliiPatharchurHypertension, Asth ma, Vasodla lation, Cardiac ProblemsTubers
29Cymbopogon CitratusLemon GrassCold, CosmeticsLeaf Oil
30Datura StramoniumDaturaExpectorant, Demulcent, Asthma, CNS StimulantLeaves, Seeds
31Dioscorea BulbiferaZimikandAsthama, Bronchitis, Dyspepsia, Piles, Tumours DiosgeninBulbs
32Dioscorea FloribundaRataluSteroid Hormone DlosqenlnBulbs
33Dracaena SanderinaLucky BambooAntimalarial, Antibacterial, AntifungalPlant Extract
34Emblica OfficinalisAonlaDiuretic, Carminative, Cooling, AstringentFruits, Flowers, Bark
35Glycirrhiza GlabraMulhetiTonic, Laxative, Gastric UlcersRoots
36Glycosmis PentaphyllaBan-NimbuFever, Liver Complaints etc.Fruits
37Gymnema SylvestreGudmarJaundiceLeaves
38Jatropa CurcasJangli ArandPurgative, BiofuelSeeds
39Lepidium SativumHaloonStimulant, Diuretic, Tonic, AphrodiasicLeaves, Seeds
40Linum UsitatissimumAlsiGonorrhoea, Nervine & Cardiac Tonic, Diuretic, EmollientLeaves, Flowers, Seeds
41Majorana HortensisMurwaSprains Of Paralytic Limbs, Carminative, StimulantLeaves, Flower Heads, Oil
42Mentha ArvensisPudinaCarminative, Refrigerant, StimulantLeaves
43Mentha PiperitaVilaiti PudinaCarminative, Vomiting, Headache, Rheumatic Pains, Cough DropsLeaves
44Mentha AquaticaTivraHeadache, CholeraVolatile Oil
45Matricaria ChamomillaBabunaTonic, Gastric StimulantSeeds
46Moringa OleiferaSonjnaGout, Acute RheumatismSeed Oil
47Neriurn IndicumKanerRingworm, Cardiac StimulantRoots, Dried Leaves
48Nyctanthes ArbortristisHarsingharLaxative, Diuretic, Cholagouge, Fevers, ExpectorantLeaves, Seeds
49Ocimum SanctumTulsiBronchitis, Asthma, Cold, Digestion, Urinary ComplaintsLeaves, Seeds
50Ocimum BasilicumBantulsiDysentery, Chronic DiarrhoeaLeaves
51Plantago MajorLahuriyaInflammation Of GIT & GUTSeeds
52Plantago OvataIsabagolDysentely, Digestive DisordersSeeds
53Pluchea LanceolataRasnaCooling EffectAerial Part
54Plumbago ZeylanicaChitrakAppetizer ,Skin Diseases, Diarrhoea, Scabies, CNS StimulantRoots, Milky Juice
55Polianthes TuberosaRajnigandhaDiuretic Emetic, GonorrhoeaBulbs
56Psorelia CorylifoliaBabchiLeucoderma, Leprosy Skin DiseasesSeeds (Resin)
57Rauwolfia SerpentinaSarpgandhaInsanity, Insomnia, Schizophrenia, CNS DisordersRoots
58Rauwolfia CanescensBarachandrikaChronic Skin InfectionsBark
59Rourea MinorVidharaDiabetes, RheumatismRoots
60Ruta GraveolensSadabAnthelmintic, AntispasmodicOil
61Santalurn AlbumChandanCooling, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Expectorant, FeversRoots, Wood
62Saraca IndicaAshokAstringent, AntipyreticStern Bark
63Sarcostemma AcidumSomlataInsect RepellentStem
64Silybum MarianumMilk ThisleAnti DiabeticFlowers
65Solanum NigrumMakioLiver Ailments, DropsyLeaves, Fruits
66Tamarix AphyllaFarash--
67Tecoma StansPila KanerDiuretic, Vermifuge, TonicRoots
68Tinospora CordifoliaGiloeDysentery, Joints Pain, ArthiltisDried Stem
69Tylophora IndicaAntamulFevers, Rheumatic ArthritisLeaves
70Urginea IndicaJangli PyazExpectorant, Stimulant, Cardio Tonic, Bronchitis, Epidermal Carcinoma, AsthmaBulbs
71Viola SerpensBanafsaSwellingsRoot Paste
72Vetiveria ZizanioidesKhasSwellingsRoot Paste
Note: The list above is only indicative and not exhaustive.