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Diffuse Environmental Education Keep Society Humbly Aware

An ISO 9001:2015 certified Non-Government Organization (NGO), “Diffuse Environmental Education Keep Society Humbly Aware”, (DEEKSHA), founded in 2002 represents an ethos of environmental sustainability.

DEEKSHA is well known for its endeavours over the past decades in executing a wide variety of sustainable, need based projects aimed at environmental conservation covering facets like Environmental Care, Bio-diversity Conservation, Natural Resource Conservation, Herbal Gardens, Water Conservation, Water Harvesting, Solid Waste Management, E Waste Recycling etc.

DEEKSHA, having its registered office in New Delhi and regional office at Chandigarh, India is effectively working to spread awareness and execute various projects and programmes about Eco Conscious Sustainable Lifestyle and Sustainable Development Goals in our country.


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“DEEKSHA” Has Envisaged the Strength of Aspire & Inspire

Go Herbal

Herbs have been used since ancient times for their medicinal

Plant Trees

To thrive in the future the human race has to mandatorily undertake tree plantion.

Our Achievements

World Leading Environmental Conservation NGO

By preserving the delicate balance of ecosystems, we can pave the way for a sustainable and thriving tomorrow.

School Visited
Educationists Engaged
Students Engaged
Saplings Planted
States & UTs Covered
Our Achievements

A Leading Environmental Conservation NGO

DEEKSHA is committed to fostering a sustainable society that thrives in harmony with nature. Recognizing the urgency of environmental conservation, DEEKSHA has dedicated its efforts to changing public attitudes and encouraging a collective consciousness geared towards environmental stewardship. By focusing on natural resource care, conservation, and sustainable utilization, DEEKSHA’s
initiatives span educating children, empowering educators and women, and engaging society at large. These efforts are aimed at protecting ecosystems and promoting sustainable living practices that support both human and environmental well-being. DEEKSHA’s work extends beyond conservation to advocating for lifestyles and business practices that minimize ecological footprints. The NGO’s achievements highlight its commitment to environmental balance, ensuring that
future generations inherit a healthier, more sustainable world. Rooted in core values of environmental responsibility and community engagement, DEEKSHA balances its passion for green solutions with a deep commitment to its surrounding community, embodying its ethos in every project and campaign undertaken.

School Visited
Educationists Engaged
Students Engaged
Saplings Planted
States & UTs Covered

Holistic Conservation Approach

DEEKSHA employs a diverse strategy, encompassing projects in Environmental Care, Biodiversity Conservation, Water Harvesting, and Sustainable Development.

National Presence for Local Impact

DEEKSHA strategically places offices in the Indian territories of New Delhi and Chandigarh to have a national impact, effectively addressing local environmental challenges.

Proactive Awareness & Education

DEEKSHA actively promotes eco-conscious living, educating communities through programs for sustainable practices, fostering environmental responsibility.
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From The Director's Pen

Mrs Tripat Parmar

I am honoured to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering support and dedication to our shared mission of environmental conservation and sustainable development. We founded DEEKSHA in 2002 with an aim of making a humble contribution towards Environment Conservation and Preservation. Our focus has been on awareness generation besides executing a wide variety of value based sustainable projects aimed at environmental conservation.

I firmly believe that as technologies keep developing and our horizons keep expanding, we must not forget that our base lies in the lap of Nature. While it gives some solace that our society comprehends the intricacies of the environment today than ever before, however the way environment has been taken for granted and exploited beyond its capability to repair itself is a cause of great concern. In these challenging times, our commitment to protecting the planet and fostering a sustainable future has never been more crucial. With your support, DEEKSHA has been able to make significant strides in our efforts to address pressing environmental issues.

At the same time, I must admit that the concern for environmental issues has increased tremendously in recent years. The efforts by the citizens of our country towards environment conservation are praise worthy to say the least. However, we need to increase the tempo of the efforts to make a difference which is the need of the day.

As we look ahead, I am inspired by the incredible dedication and passion of our supporters and volunteers. With your continued support, I am confident that DEEKSHA will continue to lead the way in creating positive change and building a more sustainable and resilient environment for all.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Together, we can and will make a significant difference.

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    Our Latest News Artical Blog Post

     A few of the herbal plants are listed below along with their uses for your reference
    #Scientific NameCommon NameMedicinal ValuesPart(s) Used
    1Abrus PrecatoriusRattiSwellings, Purgative, Emetic, AphrodiasicLeaves, Seeds
    2Acorus CalamusVachCNS Stimulant, Carminative, TonicRhizome
    3Withania SomniferaAshgandhGeneral Weakness, Diuretic, Antibiotic, AntibacterialRoots, Leaves
    4Adhatoda VasicaVasakaExpectorant, BronchitisLeaves
    5Aloe VeraGhrit KumariPurgative, CosmeticsLeaves
    6Alpinia GalangaBarakulanjanRheumatism, Stomach DisordersRhizome
    7Althea OfficinalisGulkheraDemulcent, EmollientRoots
    8Ammi MajusAtri LalLeucodermaFruits
    9Andrographis, PaniculataKalmeghTonic, Fever, Worms, DysenteryStem, Leaves, Inflorescence
    10Anethum GraveolensSoyaCondiment, CarminativeFruits
    11Artimesia AnuaSweet Worm WoodMalaria, FeversAerial Part
    12Asparagus, RacemosusShatawariDemulcent, Diuretic, AphrodisiacRoots
    13Asparagus, AdscendensSafed MusliDemulcent, DiarrhoeaRoots
    14Bacopa MonnieraBrahmiDiuretic, Nerve Tonic, Cardiotonic, InsanityWhole Plant
    15Balanitis RoxburghiiHingotSteriod Harmones, Oral ContraceptivesSeeds, Oil
    16Barleria, PrionitesKala BansaDiaphoretic, Diuretic, FebrifugeBark Juice, Leaves, Roots
    17Caesalpinia, BonducellaKaranjwaTonic, AntipyreticSeeds
    18Cannabis SativaBhangSedative, Anti-Spasmodic, Analgestic, StomachicLeaves, Flowers
    19Carissa CarandasKaraundaPickles, JamsFruits
    20Catharanthus RoseusSada BaharAnti Cancer ActivitiesRoots, Leaves
    21Cassia AngustifloiaSennaLaxative, Cathartic, PurgativeLeaves,Fruits
    22Centella AsiaticaMandukaparniDiuretic, Tonic, CNS 8 Skin DiseasesWhole Plant
    23Cichoriurn IntybusKasniFever, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Spleen Enlargement, Stomachic, DiureticRoots
    24Cissus, QuadrangularisHadjorJoining Of Fractured BoneStem
    25Clerodendron PhlomidisArniGunela Worms, Gonorrhea, Demulcent, Nervous DisordersLeaves, Roots, Root Bark
    26Clerodendrun ViscosumUshnaTumors, Skin Disease, Hernia, Fever, MalariaLeaves, Roots
    27Clitorea TernateaShankpushpiPurgative, Cathartic, DiureticSeeds, Roots
    28Coleus FroskohliiPatharchurHypertension, Asth ma, Vasodla lation, Cardiac ProblemsTubers
    29Cymbopogon CitratusLemon GrassCold, CosmeticsLeaf Oil
    30Datura StramoniumDaturaExpectorant, Demulcent, Asthma, CNS StimulantLeaves, Seeds
    31Dioscorea BulbiferaZimikandAsthama, Bronchitis, Dyspepsia, Piles, Tumours DiosgeninBulbs
    32Dioscorea FloribundaRataluSteroid Hormone DlosqenlnBulbs
    33Dracaena SanderinaLucky BambooAntimalarial, Antibacterial, AntifungalPlant Extract
    34Emblica OfficinalisAonlaDiuretic, Carminative, Cooling, AstringentFruits, Flowers, Bark
    35Glycirrhiza GlabraMulhetiTonic, Laxative, Gastric UlcersRoots
    36Glycosmis PentaphyllaBan-NimbuFever, Liver Complaints etc.Fruits
    37Gymnema SylvestreGudmarJaundiceLeaves
    38Jatropa CurcasJangli ArandPurgative, BiofuelSeeds
    39Lepidium SativumHaloonStimulant, Diuretic, Tonic, AphrodiasicLeaves, Seeds
    40Linum UsitatissimumAlsiGonorrhoea, Nervine & Cardiac Tonic, Diuretic, EmollientLeaves, Flowers, Seeds
    41Majorana HortensisMurwaSprains Of Paralytic Limbs, Carminative, StimulantLeaves, Flower Heads, Oil
    42Mentha ArvensisPudinaCarminative, Refrigerant, StimulantLeaves
    43Mentha PiperitaVilaiti PudinaCarminative, Vomiting, Headache, Rheumatic Pains, Cough DropsLeaves
    44Mentha AquaticaTivraHeadache, CholeraVolatile Oil
    45Matricaria ChamomillaBabunaTonic, Gastric StimulantSeeds
    46Moringa OleiferaSonjnaGout, Acute RheumatismSeed Oil
    47Neriurn IndicumKanerRingworm, Cardiac StimulantRoots, Dried Leaves
    48Nyctanthes ArbortristisHarsingharLaxative, Diuretic, Cholagouge, Fevers, ExpectorantLeaves, Seeds
    49Ocimum SanctumTulsiBronchitis, Asthma, Cold, Digestion, Urinary ComplaintsLeaves, Seeds
    50Ocimum BasilicumBantulsiDysentery, Chronic DiarrhoeaLeaves
    51Plantago MajorLahuriyaInflammation Of GIT & GUTSeeds
    52Plantago OvataIsabagolDysentely, Digestive DisordersSeeds
    53Pluchea LanceolataRasnaCooling EffectAerial Part
    54Plumbago ZeylanicaChitrakAppetizer ,Skin Diseases, Diarrhoea, Scabies, CNS StimulantRoots, Milky Juice
    55Polianthes TuberosaRajnigandhaDiuretic Emetic, GonorrhoeaBulbs
    56Psorelia CorylifoliaBabchiLeucoderma, Leprosy Skin DiseasesSeeds (Resin)
    57Rauwolfia SerpentinaSarpgandhaInsanity, Insomnia, Schizophrenia, CNS DisordersRoots
    58Rauwolfia CanescensBarachandrikaChronic Skin InfectionsBark
    59Rourea MinorVidharaDiabetes, RheumatismRoots
    60Ruta GraveolensSadabAnthelmintic, AntispasmodicOil
    61Santalurn AlbumChandanCooling, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Expectorant, FeversRoots, Wood
    62Saraca IndicaAshokAstringent, AntipyreticStern Bark
    63Sarcostemma AcidumSomlataInsect RepellentStem
    64Silybum MarianumMilk ThisleAnti DiabeticFlowers
    65Solanum NigrumMakioLiver Ailments, DropsyLeaves, Fruits
    66Tamarix AphyllaFarash--
    67Tecoma StansPila KanerDiuretic, Vermifuge, TonicRoots
    68Tinospora CordifoliaGiloeDysentery, Joints Pain, ArthiltisDried Stem
    69Tylophora IndicaAntamulFevers, Rheumatic ArthritisLeaves
    70Urginea IndicaJangli PyazExpectorant, Stimulant, Cardio Tonic, Bronchitis, Epidermal Carcinoma, AsthmaBulbs
    71Viola SerpensBanafsaSwellingsRoot Paste
    72Vetiveria ZizanioidesKhasSwellingsRoot Paste
    Note: The list above is only indicative and not exhaustive.