Volunteer With Us

Volunteer With Us

DEEKSHA invites citizens, including students, from all walks of life to join the movement to conserve and preserve the environment.

If you feel you’re not doing enough for the environment by replacing your incandescent light bulbs with CFLs and composting your kitchen garbage, maybe you’re ready to make a deeper commitment by volunteering for environmental conservation. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to change lives, including your own. In fact if you'd like to support the cause of environmental conservation but can't afford to donate money, you can donate your time instead.

"If You Have The Passion And Will Power,
We Have An Opportunity For You"

You can make your contribution by joining DEEKSHA as a volunteer by sparing a few hours every month to help us in our activities. You can help us ensure that the message and activities of environment conservation and protection reach the grass roots level.

Many volunteers enroll with DEEKSHA every year from all over the globe. Amongst our volunteers are the students from educational institutions. Besides students, housewives, individuals, retired personnel, professionals have spared their valuable time for the cause of environmental preservation.

There is no specific criteria to join DEEKSHA as a volunteer. All you need is the interest, zeal, enthusiasm and desire to make this planet a better place. So, come today and join hands with DEEKSHA.

How Can I Volunteer?

Simply fill the form as given. We would get in touch with you when ever we require your effort.

Why act for nature?

If you have a passion for nature, the energy and time, you can make a big difference as a volunteer. We rely on volunteers to run our programmes. We have activities to suit any contribution of skill, time and energy. Every contribution, large and small, short-term and long-term, can make a difference.

What do I get out of it?

As a volunteer, you get to put your passion for nature into practice. You will participate in activities where you will learn more about our environment and it’s many facets. In return you gain life skills, organizing capabilities and develop sensitivities towards your fellow human beings.

What can I contribute?

Almost any skill, right from plantation, landscaping to administration and computer skills you have can make a difference!

"Together We Can and We Will Make A Difference"

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