Wing Commander Santokh Singh Tuteja (Retired)

Founder Trustee & Chairman

Wing Commander Santokh Singh Tuteja (Retired) served in the Indian Airforce before hanging his uniform in the Eighties. He has done his B Sc in Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering in Electronics. He has garnered vide and fruitful corporate experience post retirement working with various firms. He was selected to be a part of a UN Mission in Angola where he was the team leader of a team which established satellite communication at various locations where the UN Peace Keeping Contingents of Armed Forces of 79 countries were deployed. He has been a strong proponent of the idead of sustainable living.

Tripat Parmar

Founder Trustee & Director

Tripat Parmar started her career as a senior research fellow with Indian Institute of Ecology & Environment in 1991. After working for Four years with IIEE and gaining purposeful experience she established DEEKSHA and initiated a number of environment related programmes and campaigns. She has been actively involved in endeavours to raise the awareness levels of the masses, particularly school children, about issues related to Environment, Energy Conservation and Natural Resource Conservation. She has traveled widely in the country.

Col Amaninder Singh Bedi (Retired)


Col Amaninder Singh Bedi (Retired), is a seasoned Learning and Development Consultant, a Corporate Trainer and a keen environmentalist with 21 years of experience with The Indian Army and 10 years of corporate exposure. As a training and development professional, dedicated to improving an individual’s personal performance in his personal or professional environment, Aman has developed an approach to learning which is both practical and dynamic. He is also a Certified Coach, Master Trainer and Facilitator, Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Healer. Aman is positively affecting lives of numerous people – This in fact has become the eternal goal of his life to which he has vowed to pursue.

Deepaa Bedi


Deepaa Bedi is a committed environmentalist with a deep passion in helping people and animals breathe fresh air, drink safe water and gaining a livelihood by preserving natural resources. Her keen spiritual interest has gone a long way in fuelling her desire for environment conservation and reducing environmental impact of rapid urbanization. Deepaa has done M Sc in Mathematics from Delhi University and M Ed from Punjab University. Helping people and animals leading a healthier and a more secured life is now a life goal she wishes to follow.