Elucidating The Logo

The Logo of an organization symbolizes the image and message which the organization wants to convey. It also helps everyone recognize the organization easily.

The logo of "DEEKSHA" has been exclusively designed to represent the Concerns, Aims, Objectives and above all the mission of environmental care and protection. Our logo depicts a plant in the hands of the people who inhabit the earth and signifies that it is for them to nurture and protect the environment. It endeavours to express that environment is our child and we have to look after it like a mother.

Our Mission

To spread the message of environmental care, respect and protection amongst masses so as to bring about an attitudinal change in the way the society looks at and treats environment and natural resources.

Our Motto


Human kind has been preserving our heritage and culture by inculcating moral and cultural values in our younger generation, similarly "DEEKSHA" firmly believes that the only way environment can be preserved, nurtured, progressed and respected is by inculcating in the human beings, the importance of having and living in GREEN ENVIRONS. That is why it is most important to change the way we think about environment. DEEKSHA aims to help us make a conscious choice about the environment.

DEEKSHA believes that by 'GREENING THE MIND' of the people, the aim to create a better environment can be achieved. We are sure that the environmental results will accrue automatically thereafter.