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Herbal plants have always played a significant role in our Indian tradition wherein many Herbal plants are considered sacred and are even worshipped. It is common to see a Tulsi plant in every household, Neem being used for many remedial cures and a coconut being used in many auspicious ceremonies. Many herbs are used to treat various kinds of ailments, be it Tulsi, Mint, Ashwaganda or Aloe Vera. Concern for health and wellbeing of mankind has further intensified interest in the greater use of herbal/medicinal plants. It is common knowledge now that the wide ranging benefits of herbal/medicinal plants are being increasingly recognized, understood and appreciated the World over. In fact, we all should know the importance of the herbs available around us. We must always remember that understanding of herbs is just one of the many types of wisdom that our ancestors had and it should be our endeavour to keep the interest about herbs alive in our future generations.

What is a herb? Well, a herb is a plant that is known and revered for flavour and its medicinal qualities other than its food value. In India, herbs are used in cooking, as medicines and for spiritual purposes.

"If one consults enough herbals...every sickness known to humanity will be listed as being cured by sage" - Varro Taylor

Having researched and realised the immesnse value of herbs for cooking, flavour, medicinal and spritual uses in our system of life, DEEKSHA has initiated an initiative to revive the legacy of Herbal/medicinal plants and herbs that have been a part of our Indian tradition since ages. Since past many years, we have been:

  • Working to make the masses aware of the uses and benefits of herbal plants.
  • Provide good quality herbal plants to the masses for usage.

As a result of our endeavours, many Corporate/Government Offices, Educational Institutions, Individuals and Residential Colonies/Societies have joined hands with us in order to make this thought of reviving the legacy of herbalism a reality. Over the past many years we have supplied good quality, organically grown and well nurtured herbal plants to individuals and various institutions. Besides supplying potted herbal plants to individuals/corporates, we have also developed over 286 herbal gardens to date.

We have finally started to notice that there is real curative value in local herbs and remedies. In fact, we are also becoming aware that there are little or no side effects to most natural remedies, and that they are often more effective than Western medicine

If you would like to buy herbal plants/ potted herbal plants for your home/office/institution or want to develop a herbal garden at your institution, please contact us by filling and submitting the form given below.

Gift Herbal Plants

It would be far more beneficial for organisations, both corporate and government, to gift their employee’s potted herbal plants instead of sweets/chocolates on occasions because when you gift herbal plants – you gift life to your priceless employees/colleagues. If you agree, please contact us by filling and submitting the form given below.

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